Boarding at Churchill Chimes is a unique experience for rider and faithful friend alike. Our facilities and packages were designed by, and especially for, those who love their equine friends. 


We provide a wonderfully relaxed and friendly place to enjoy your horse and make new friends. We offer excellent facilities and services including a large indoor arena, prize winning hay, custom mixed grain, and high quality lessons. 


Free choice hay and heated water basins are available in all turnout paddocks with flexible access to all on-property amenities.

The owner lives on site and is supported by diligent and caring staff to ensure your horse gets the best care possible.


Includes stall, feed, turn-out and lessons*

Board + 1 Lesson/week        $700.00/month (lesson $32.50)


Board + 2 Lessons/week      $775.00/month (lesson $25.50)

Limited outdoor board is available starting at  $410 

Individual lessons for boarders:   


Private    $70.00

Semi Private  $58.00

Group or 1/2 hr private  $40.00

*All board options include weekly lessons to ensure safety and development of both rider and horse