Wendy and Xara by Mark Manning
James and Mickey with Roberta and Virgin
Alessandro and Duncan by Mackenzie Madel
Horse Love
Alessandro and Duncan by Mackenzie Madel
Horse Love

Part Board 

Part-boarding a horse is a great way to experience all that horse ownership has to offer – without all of the bills. Our all inclusive Part Board packages include the use of your favourite horse(s) for a set number of days each week, plus group lessons, and all tack & equipment.

We have a number of packages available depending on your needs.  Call us to set up a time to meet our wonderful horses and find the match that’s right for you.

Package A: Just Getting Started


1 Lesson + 1 Practice Ride/week       $340.00/month

Package B: The Next Step

1 Lesson + 2 Practice Rides/week       $410.00/month

Package C: Getting in the Groove


​​2 Lessons/week                                   $410.00/month



Package D: The Serious Rider​

2 Lessons + 1 Practice Ride/week       $470.00/month